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You dream of proudly marching through the aisle under greens and blooms on your special day wearing your meticulously-crafted luxurious gown in flowing white.

The bridal car looks stunning with is floral layering as it drives to pick you up. The entourage meets you with radiant smiles as you approach the church door.

You peek through the gap at the door. The aisle is long and grand. The alter looks imposing and bright with all the lights. The floral decorations set an ambience of royalty and luxury- setting the mood for a joyous festivity. The bells ring. The organ bellows the “Here Comes the Bride.” You place a foot on the thick red carpet – you feel its softness.

You savor every step along the aisle, taking your sweet time. The sound of applause from the audience excites you. Your eyes peer through the satin veil that covers your face. You see the audience radiating a warm smile. You try to recognize each face. You look at them while beaming an affectionate smile. Your heart is flooded with elation and earnestness.

This is the moment where you wear your brightest smile with utmost seriousness. This is your big day. An ideal wedding like this requires a lifetime of preparation . . . or so it seems.

Now you can fulfill your dream wedding without the nightmare of preparations. What you need is the touch of the professional – a team that knows the essentials of your event.

Let ILOILO WEDDING SHOPPE prepare you for that big day.

ILOILO WEDDING SHOPPE is one of Iloilo’s foremost event supplier since 2008. It covers a broad range of events supplies materials and services:


• Planning
• Coordination
• Paper Assistance
• Photo and Video
• Flowers decoration and Set-up
• Invitation and Giveaways
• Wedding Gown and Groom’s Apparel
• Dresses for the Entourage


Since it started in 2008, Iloilo Wedding Shoppe has coordinated lots of weddings, debuts, birthdays, and other parties of Iloilo’s VIPs and elites. We have coordinated weddings and events from the polished floors of Iloilo’s hotels to the jolly auditoriums of Iloilo’s towns to the glittering sands of Boracay’s shores.

Numerous. Iloilo Wedding Shoppe can readily come up with the kind of reception program you choose – be it silent and solemn, dead serious, light and festive or ridiculously wacky – we have massive and varied experience in these.

Designing and planning your wedding day has never been this fun and easy. We can help you decide from the shade of motif, church ceremony, fashion, flowers and greenery, reception venue, cake design and giveaway items, Should you have something else in mind feel free to approach us and discuss those ideas with us.

Surely, Iloilo Wedding Shoppe can develop and enrich those for a more colorful event. We have a very amiable, down-to-earth and open-minded staff always willing to listen. No idea is ever wrong or absurd.

Call on us anytime – 09099801382 ; 09125257342 – yes, even if it’s midnight.

We completely understand the need to express what’s playing in your mind. Should budget be your concern, Iloilo Wedding Shoppe has flexible event packages to meet your needs complete with documents, i.e contracts, payment invoices, etc

Your big day will come.
Let it happen in the most elegant venue with the most solemn ceremony, best decoration and documentation and the most vibrant reception. Having your dream wedding is never that far.

Iloilo Wedding Shoppe is your partner to make a reality.
We assure you, with Iloilo Wedding Shoppe it will be a meaningful, colorful and memorable celebration…for life.


Iloilo Wedding Shoppe

E. Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Telephone 1: 09099801382

Telephone 2: 09998408317

E-mail: bookings@iloiloweddingshoppe.com